Friday, February 22, 2013

Where ice goes to die

We had a thaw today.

The day started off with an ice storm, frozen roads and a snow day for the 11-year-old, but by afternoon it was 40 degrees.

I took the opportunity to free the buckets in the barn from all the ice. What a relief.

I'm putting the hammer away now. No more ice this year. I mean it. None.

Next year -- heated buckets.


  1. Oh, we have heated buckets, in the storage shed. But we also have goats who like to chew/yank on the cords and dump heated buckets. Several times a day. And that's why they are where they are now.

  2. We have a heated bucket. Got it from Valley Vet Supply on line. It has a wire wrapped around the cord so not even an Alpine can chew it. The Goatmother puts it in a metal bucket holder screwed to the wall of the barn, which keeps anyone from knocking it over too. She says it is certainly worth its weight in gold...well, at least worth the weight of carrying that water all the way from the shop if the water gets frozen. :) Seek ye the bucket! :)

  3. You sound like my hubby...he's had enough of the cold and frozen waters this year too! :)