Wednesday, December 2, 2015


These days I say a little prayer of thanksgiving every time I walk outside. I feel the unseasonable warmth and think fondly about my new best friend, El -- Mr. Nino to those of you in other parts of the country.  Here it is December 2 and I bet I haven't worn my winter coat more than two or three times yet. I don't even know where my gloves are. No water buckets have frozen and I've barely touched my propane supply - which, by the way, is selling for approximately 1/4 the price it was two winters ago.

One quarter.

Yes, things are good.

Of course, no relationship is all sunshine and roses. Sometimes you get rain. And fog. And mud. Sometimes you don't see the sun for days.

Heading out for a day in the salt mines. No sunshine here. 

Some of the sheep are more sensitive to the gloom than others. Clementine and Bumblebee were a little reluctant to join the fray this morning.

Stragglers: Noona, Clementine, and Bumblebee

But look at that, Bumblebee is nearly as big as Clementine.

Clementine and a nearly-as-big Bumblebee

There's a blessing if ever there was one.

Clementine: I'm going back to bed. Call me when the sun comes out.