Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tipping points

I've lost track. One minute, I was hanging on, doing fine, making slow steady progress with the farm and staying relatively on top of things. The next minute, not. I think the balance tipped the moment I signed the papers for the new property. That was an unbelievable four weeks ago. Time shifted and here it is -- the end of October. First, we spent at least a week without internet access. Then family came to visit and stayed for another week. Finally when the dust started to settle, Riversong, queen of the goats, nearly died from meningeal worms. (She's on the mend now and I am hopefully a wiser and somewhat more sober goat owner.)

I wish I had had the wherewithall to post throughout. A lot of great story material has come and gone. Like the tsunami in the basement the first night we slept in the new house. Or stranding my car out in the new pasture. Or the showdown with the Marans rooster, who was called Toaster, but who is now called Chuckie because of his resemblance to the creepy movie character of the same name.

Maybe I'll come back to these. In the meantime, here are some shots of our new place. The feel here could not be more different from the feel of the old farmstead next door. Big sky and long vistas here. Shady nooks and crannies next door. Just a few hundred feet apart.