A Tribe of Pygoras

The Doctor 
We have a tribe of Pygora goats. (I just learned that word - tribe. That's the technical term for a flock or herd of goats.) The Pygora is a hybrid breed developed by crossing Angoras and Pygmies. They are smaller goats with extremely fine, silky, curly locks used for handspinning. Our original group came from Oregon. Five does and a wether. More recently we acquired two bucks and a wether from Michigan. Fall of 2015 may include some breeding. We'll see.
Top - Donnanoble
Bottom - Marthajones

Clockwise from top left -
Marthajones, The Doctor, Riversong, Rosetyler

Sweet Ameliapond 
(who outgrew her sweetness and is a bit of bully as an adult.)

Excaliber (Cal)
Elwood (Woody)



  1. Are you planning on spinning the Pygora?

  2. Haha...yes, that was the idea. Shearer's coming Monday. I'll post something about the outcome one way or the other. I don't have high hopes for their first fleeces. I've done a lousy job keeping them clean! The learning curve is pretty steep.

    I do love these guys though. They're all sweetness and goofiness rolled up in one. :)