Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bumblebee update

Bumblebee is coming along now.

She's plumping right up. This is easy to see now that she's naked. Personally, I think the fringe of curls around her rear-end does her no favors, but she stubbornly hangs on to them.

She's still quite small, as is Cricket. You can see just how small here. The other (so far) healthy and slightly older lambs tower over them. They're working on catching up though. 

Heads down, nose in grass. Not a moment to lose.

Bumblebee is absolutely dwarfed by Clementine. I don't think Clementine has stopped eating all summer, but this time last year, she was struggling as well. She was also weaned and sold off (to me) at 8 weeks. 

Never again.

Don't worry lady. You wait. This time next year, I'll be as big as her. 


  1. Aw, sweet baby Bumblebee. Her little tummy looks 'bout ready to burst! Lotsa good, yummy, green grass. (Eight weeks old really does seem too young to be weaned and have to go out into the big world, doesn't it?)

  2. Well, if they were weaned at 8 weeks and sold off, it was a very good thing they ended up with you. That's way too young, in my opinion. Bumblebee sure looks better. I love the second photo!