Thursday, September 18, 2014

Room to eat

I checked in on Cain and Abel yesterday. 
Cain's sling is now in place and he seemed comfortable enough. 
Abel was enjoying the luxury of eating in peace and quiet, unmolested by goats or sheep.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, two big bunk feeders were delivered. 
Here's hoping these will make feeding time a little less chaotic. 

I love this picture! 

I'll see if I can name them all from this angle. 

Starting with the white alpaca at the top left and going clockwise. Zephyr (alpaca), Rowan (alpaca), Devon (Icelandic), Emily (Icelandic), Bo Sheep (Shetland, um, mystery breed), Jethro (the littlest Black Welsh ram), Bumblebee (the naked Bluefaced Leicester), Hank (Black Welsh), Butterfly (Bluefaced Leicester), Ladybug (Bluefaced Leicester), Caterpillar (Bluefaced Leicester), Clementine (Lincoln), Grasshopper (Bluefaced Leicester), Manny (Bluefaced Leicester). 

So much fluffy goodness all in one place. 

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  1. I'm glad things are working out for your fellow. I guess there are real advantages to not being a horse:)