Monday, February 4, 2013

A new toy

Back before Christmas, back before snow, back before frozen water buckets and constant stall cleaning, I bought myself a new camera. I was so impressed by the photos that folks were posting on their blogs, I thought, "I wanna do that!"   So, I read up on what people were saying about good digital cameras for beginners and bought a Canon (oops) Nikon 5100. (I thought about the Canon, but actually bought the Nikon.) Today, I took it out of the box.

I found myself with some free time (what's that?) after I turned all the ponies out this morning, so I dug out the camera and opened it up. Mountains of cords and plugs and batteries and lenses later, I glanced up to discover snow swirling around outside. "Eureka!" I dumped the instruction manual and raced outside. Well, race is a relative term right? I still had to put on 3 layers, top and bottom, my heavy muck boots, my gloves, etc.. Compared to the astronauts preparing for lift off, I was fast and I had my new camera in hand. I only had time for a few shots though, on auto focus, before commonsense kicked in and I realized how wet the snow was. I stopped then to bring the poor ponies in. In any case, here are the first few shots from my fancy camera! I'm super excited.

Meet Annie.

Annie is a 19-year-old Hackney pony, sold to a kill buyer by the Amish after an unknown number of years as a cart pony. She's nearly as skittish as Thyme, although she's well-trained. The 11-year-old rode her for a while, but after a serious injury last summer (Annie's, not the 11-year-old's), Annie's officially retired here at Tyche's Run, aka the Home for Wayward Ponies. If you know Hackneys you can also imagine that she wasn't a great riding horse anyway, but isn't she lovely in her snow blanket?

And of course, a shot of our mascot Tyche, begging for attention. Or possibly just thinking, "Let me in lady, it's cold out here." Maybe she's been talking to the chickens.


  1. OMG, those pictures are AWESOME!!
    Kudos to you for letting Annie retire there at your place too! :)