Monday, February 11, 2013

Is it spring yet?

I still haven't gotten used to the topsy-turvey nature of winter in the Midwest, but I am happy to report that we are not facing THIS, this lovely February morning. This picture was taken almost exactly four
years ago to the day. It was our first winter here after our move from California. I was sure I'd made a terrible mistake. In my traumatized memory (smile), this picture was taken much later in the year. March? April? I was sure the snow was on the ground until May that year, but in searching my archives, I see daffodils and green grass in April.

We aren't quite to daffodils yet this year, but we're a long way from the winter of 2009-10. This morning I found...

...bare ground and greening grass, 

blue skies over the old barn,

and yes, spring bulbs!

Go ahead and laugh. I know it will be cold again soon enough. 

But,  I . LOVE . SPRING.


  1. I like your morning view better than ours. We DID have snow and icicles this morning here in southern Arizona! LOL!!

    1. OK, see, now you're just confusing me. We're talking Arizona, USA? :)

  2. Oh! Love your old barn!!!! We have daffodils up, but just the green part. No flowers yet. Hurry spring!