Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tundra chickens...not

The jungle chickens looked out their coop door this morning and gave one big collective thumbs down. I kicked the snow away from their doorway, so they'd have a clear place to land. They said, "No. Thank you, but no."  I scraped a path for them from their coop clear over to their jungle tree. They said, "Don't bother. We're not coming." All day. Not so much as a cluck or a cackle or a crow outside. I think the jungle chickens are done with winter.

I'm done too. Bring on the spring please.


  1. Why yes. I think we are done with winter. Bring on that luscious spring green grass!!!!! Maybe chickens are smarter than we knew. Although the Goatmother's friend says her are dumb as posts and calls them Post 1 and Post 2 etc. :)

  2. I just let our run around in the barn. Given up ;-).

  3. Can't say that I blame them for not wanting to go out in the snow! Brrrr...