Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baby #10 needs a name

I am a ewe lamb. 
I need a name or the lady will call me Babysheep, 
just like Babycat. 
I am not a cat. 
Somebody think of a name for me.

So far, the siblings and cousins of Baby #10 are called

Jack and Jill (Bo Sheep's twins)

Hullabuloo (so big she made her mother Bo Welsh scream at her birth)

Coyote Lullaby (Sally's ewe lamb born during the snowmelt)

Echo (Mary's ewe lamb)

Fortissimo (Lucinda's ram lamb) 

#7 and #8 ewe lambs from Eve (Hey, what are we? Chopped Liver? We need names too.)

Miss Clara (Emmylou's ewe lamb)

The mother of #10 is Patsy. 


  1. Since that beautiful black color probably isn't remarkable for your lamb crop, I'd probably call her Mini or Minnie. Any milk yet from her mama or Miss Clara's?

    1. Miss Clara's mom, Emmylou, has some milk, but won't let Clara touch her. After 4 days of trying to get Emmylou to allow it, I've all but given up. Clara is probably 90% bottle-fed at this point. Patsy, #10's mom, lets #10 try to nurse as long as she likes, but Patsy has no milk, so she's 99% bottle-fed. Lucinda/Fortissimo had the same problem last week, but worked it out with some supplemental bottles. I'm not optimistic for the girls though and the weather has taken a very cold turn. I think they're going to have to come inside and be completely hand fed. Crud.

    2. Eeep, I'm run off my feet trying to raise one lamb, I can't imagine having two at the same time. D:

  2. How about "Mine"? Kidding. Sort of. Pippi? Pippin? She's so stinkin cute. How are you fitting in all this bottle feeding with work, motherhood, and farmhood? Have you found a way to clone yourself? Why would so many of the ewes not have enough or any milk? Can you take them to work? Will I stop asking questions? Yes.

  3. Pippin! I love that. If we get another ram, maybe he could be Charlemagne. A little Welsh Charlemagne. (Not that that Pippin was a girl, but still...)

  4. Well if it's Pippin for No 10, then how about two Aussie names for 7 and 8, like Matilda and Kylie? :)