Thursday, March 5, 2015

And it all came tumbling down

No lambs yet. The ewes are all acting like nothing's going on.

Silly sheep.

Just as well, cause..

I am buried at work. The weather continues to provoke us all. The girl who usually helps with the ponies has been away for two weeks -- during the worst of the weather while the ponies are all inside. Of course. And the teenager, well, has been acting an awful lot like a teenager lately.

If something doesn't break soon, I just might. Let the lambs incubate a bit more. That's ok with me.

I snapped this photo on my phone on my way home from work yesterday. Seemed appropriate. It's the barn at the corner down the road. Seems it finally gave up the fight.

In better days (from Bing Maps). 

Makes me a little sad.


  1. I know exactly how that barn feels...

  2. So sad to see such a beautiful barn give it up. Hang in there, Spring is on it's way, I promise.

  3. What a glorious barn it once was! Oh, the stories it could tell . . .