Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It was just a matter of time...

The twelve-year-old and I went to a nearby fiber festival over the weekend. The festival had a sheep show and sale.

In a building filled with hundreds of sheep, the twelve-year-old found the very sweetest one -- a charming little Lincoln Longwool spring ewe lamb.

You see where this is going? We were goners. We registered for a number to bid on the lamb, just in case.

Um, yeah, she went for three times more than the cap I had set in my head. Several others from the same breeder went for similar prices.

But two little Lincoln lambs went unsold.

Long story short, we came home with both in the back of the car. We're running dry on new names these days, but here they are.

The one with the yellow tags is a half-brother to the charmer we were originally after. Turns out he is just as sweet and friendly as his sister. No plans to breed here, so he will be visiting the vet soon. The one with its head down is the shyer of the two. She is only two months old and was just weaned the day before the show. Her bewilderment now is apparent, but she will have a good life here, with her new lamb buddy and a pen full of goats.

Got a bunch of non-living fiber stuff too. Pretty exciting day all in all.


  1. Oh so cute, love the nose to nose picture with the horse. Congratulations on your new additions.

  2. What a couple of cuties, love their colors! :)

  3. Awww - you got the sheeps you were SUPPOSED to get :-D.

  4. They are adorable! I doubt if any one of us could have resisted. I like the colors - they will be a wonderful addition. I am rather partial to sheep.

  5. Oh! Someone new on the pecking order! I actually hope the goats don't bully them...eventhough I am a goat and do my fair share. These two just look too innocent. :)