Monday, April 29, 2013

Nekkid birds

Brand new baby robins.

Awfully hard to get a picture with angry mama dive bombing my head. ;)

The robins' story started here, and continued here, here, and here. By my count, mama started sitting on the nest last Thursday or Friday, which would make today incubation day 11 or 12.  Now the babies have another 14 or so days before they will fledge. Their big challenge will be to survive the raccoons and Batman. Batman especially is a pretty constant presence these days. I caught him in the shed just yesterday, but I can't tell if he's aware of the nest or not.

Fingers crossed for the little songbirds.

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  1. WOW, that was fast! I would say they are cute but nekkid baby birds, not so much! LOL!!

  2. Watch out for angry birds, LOL. I was watering plants this morning when there was a bird, diving down, sitting on patio chair, watering cans, table, kept diving at my cat, not a smart move 'cause cat was ready to swat it .... then I saw why, there was a baby bird, fully feathered out sitting on the patio, must have not been ready to fly. Going to have to look on the internet, I think it is a magpie.

  3. Oh,no! Not nekkid birds! Don't look, Ethel!!!!!!!

  4. Great capture even with the dive bombing. I once reared a completely naked parrot. Parrots take a lot longer to grow feathers and fledge, more like six to eight weeks. I'm glad you can watch these rather than having to rear them.