Monday, April 22, 2013

Family portrait

Batman came by tonight while I was doing evening chores in the barn. I put some food out for him on the sidewalk by the backdoor. He drew quite the audience while he ate. This is the entire set of Batman offspring save one -- Rosebud was off doing her own thing. She is almost as shy as her father. Left to right: Tigger (Mom), Nemo, Little Boog, Tizzie, Sunshine, Buster Vespucci, Phantom, and Solo. Tigger is, in general, very grouchy with her offspring. They accordingly steer clear. Hence the gap between her and Nemo.


  1. Wow, what a collection of stripes. They sure are beautiful.

  2. Those are some beautiful cats! Are they a specific breed?

    1. Batman and Little Boog both look a lot like Maine Coons. But, Daddy can't weigh more than 6 or 7 pounds, soaking wet, and Little Boog is not much bigger despite good nutrition, so who knows. They are barn cat specials. ;)

  3. Interesting colors! I can't believe you got them all at one time. Great shot!

  4. What a great picture! I'm not sure I could tell them apart! LOL!!

  5. One of the cutest family portraits I've ever seen!