Friday, March 22, 2013

Out of whack

Three hours holding ponies for the farrier this morning. In the cold. Can't feel my hands or feet. And it's the end of MARCH!

Eighteen degrees when we woke up, this second day of spring. Water buckets were frozen again  (#*!@^).  The norm here is more like lows of 30-35 degrees this time of year. Overall we are about 5 degrees colder than normal for the month so far. That number is on track to be even bigger, considering the forecast for the next week. More cold, more snow.

Crazy spring cold this year.
Crazy spring heat last year.
Crazy drought last summer.
Crazy rain the year before.
Crazy wind last summer.
What's next?
No jet stream at all?

See, I thought global warming was going to be a gradual, barely perceptible shift a few degrees up the scale. A shift we ordinary folk wouldn't even notice unless a climatologist pointed it out...after the fact.

Instead we're getting these crazy pendulum swings from one extreme to the other, suggesting anything but a gradual shift. More like an equilibrium point shifting into chaos (Um, chaos in the technical sense -- not going for hyperbole here. Hardly seems necessary.) I find it all pretty disconcerting.

Oy. What craziness will summer bring?


  1. We've definitely had some crazy weather the past couple years here in the US. Now I bet summer will be horrible as well. We are in SE Missouri and we woke up to snow this morning! I'm so ready for spring.

    PS - Thanks for entering the giveaway on my blog! Be sure to check back later to see if you've won :)

  2. The weather does seem like it's been especially crazy the past couple of years. My hubby does not like the cold at all as he is getting older and his favorite saying is, "Global warming, bring it ON!"

  3. Extremes are in. We are averaging 15 degrees below normal...but, March has always been a transitional month.

  4. Nothing worse than holding horses for the blacksmith in the middle of winter. And if they're a yacker... (!)