Saturday, March 2, 2013

Into the abyss

They say bad things come in threes right?

Last night as I doled out the hay before bed, Tigerlilly and Bom Bom were messing with each other over their shared wall. As I stood there watching, Tigerlilly layed down to roll and...just like that, in the blink of an eye, before I could even breathe hold your horses, missy, she pinned herself nice and snug against the wall under Bom Bom's nose. Cast.

She seemed to understand the predicament she was in. She kept her usual diva attitude in check while I worked on getting a rope around her. Fortunately, chunky as she is, she's still small enough that a good strong rope under the armpits (um...armpits? well, you know what I mean) was enough to allow me to pull her free from the wall. No harm no foul.

This morning I left her in her stall while I let Thyme and Tyche, her immediate neighbors on the other side, out into the paddock. The paddock opens directly off the shed porch that runs down the length of the barn on that side. When I came back later to dole out hay (again), I found Thyme and Tyche in Tiger's stall. This is not good because, (a) where the heck was Tiger, (b) ponies aren't suppose to let each other in and out of their stalls, (c) the wall between Tiger and Bom Bom, is waaaayyyyyy too short to keep Thyme out of trouble -- Thyme's too tall and she likes to harrass Bom Bom -- ALOT, and (d) when I found Tiger, she was outside staring into --- and this is the third bit of badness -- an abyss of pony-swallowing dimensions.

That hole may not look large here, but let me assure you, the pictures don't do it justice. It is as big as a house. A friggin' whale of a hole. A VW bug could fit inside with room to spare. China is visible at the bottom. Someone, somehow, turned my nice smooth, mat-covered shed floor, into a pony-eating, leg-snapping, gravel strewn, crater-filled crime scene. This is where the ponies run back and forth like wild mustangs. This is directly outside their stall doors. This is a royal pain in the butt.

Oy. Ponies.


  1. We tried to dig a hole to China once. The Goatmother kept foiling our efforts. That really wasn't very nice of her since it took so much, well, effort in the first place. Now we just confine our work to the giant hole around the base of the Douglas Fir out in the pasture. We have made it to Cambodia. China is in sight.

    1. How'd she do it Marigold? Foil your attempts I mean?

  2. Did you 'splain to them that ponies and horses are NOT supposed to dig holes like dogs?!? Maybe they were trying to tunnel under the fence! Silly ponies!