Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mama P

Mama P arrived last night. She is one glossy little chunk of pony. Her foster family took such good care of her.

Naturally, I didn't get her stall finished. So we had to do some last minute pony shuffling and double-bunking. This caused lots of pony drama. Ponies who should have been fine on the shed porch, banging on the doors, demanding to come in. (You know who you are Tyche.) Ponies nipping their temporary neighbors' bums over the walls. (I'm looking at you Shadow.) Ponies kicking said walls (Tigerlilly, take a pill please). Lots of mare-squealing (Again, Tiger, not necessary.).  Oy. I do love ponies. :)

The best arrangement didn't dawn on me until this morning, so more shuffling, more drama. But I think I found an arrangement that will last indefinitely. At least until the new stall is done.


  1. Those naughty little ponies ;-). She's cute!

  2. Look forward to all the new adventures with Mama P.

  3. What a pretty little girl! Glad you got the drama settled down, silly ponies! :)