Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The warm weather has been lovely for everybody. I opened up all the barn doors to let in fresh air and light. This is what I found later when I walked into the barn. Tyche and her mom snoozing together in their stall.

Tyche is the fuzzy one in front. Though she looks ordinary-size here, it's just the angle. She is maayybe 36 inches in heels. Then again, she's not yet two. Her mom soars all the way to 11 or 12 hands. We're not sure how old mom is. Maybe four. Their origins are murky. They were on their way to Mexico with a broker, when I got roped brought them home. Mom is a project in herself, but that's a story for another day. BomBom, the little pinto, (who is eating dry hay again) came with them. A brother maybe? Possibly Tyche's dad. (Gelded now, in any case...)

Sweet ponies.

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