Thursday, January 31, 2013


I want one!

Thanks to Sheep Dreams for this link today. I am so inspired by this woman's vision. Kirsten Dirksen has committed to wearing clothes that come from fiber, dyes, mills, and artisans sourced within 150 miles of her home. She has mapped out her own fibershed in the SFBay area. The simultaneous publication of this article in the NYTimes today does make my head hurt just a little though. The cashmere for his $2000 sweaters comes from Afghanistan. Oy. 

Where do we sign up? 

(Edited to add: We sign up here apparently!)


  1. Run, my friends! She will be coming at you combs a flying and maybe even with shears! It isn't even worth the Peanuts. Oh, wait. It maybe actually be worth the Peanuts. :)

  2. Dear Marigold, I spoke to Riversong. She assured me it would be ok. Something about "preferring a little off the top and sides to the cold indignity know...that job Marigold and her like have." But thank you for your concern. Please tell the goatmother that Riversong thinks you deserve some extra peanuts.

  3. Dang, I'm just getting into the whole eating local thingy and NOW we're supposed to source our clothing local?!? It does sound like a real good idea though! :)