Sunday, August 24, 2014

Now what?

Bumblebee's beautiful lamb locks fall off in my fingers
First, Bumblebee continues to gain strength. So that's good.

But I realized yesterday that she is losing her fleece. This must be what people mean when they say that stress or illness causes breaks in the fiber. Her curls come out with the slightest pressure.

So, do I shear her? Roo her? (Odd sounding for a BFL, but possible in her state I think.)

I'm afraid to leave it on her. It will certainly mat when the new fiber starts to grow in.

On the other hand, to take it off will leave her bare. I figure she's got about two months before we get any truly cold weather, but even next month, the nights should be in the forties. I guess she could wear one of the goat coats if it comes to that.

What do I do?


  1. I'd pull it all off if it comes off kindly. If not, I'd shear, but maybe wait a bit more so she's not too stressed too soon.

    She'll grow a decent amount back before winter, but BFLs are always a little colder than a fuzzy sheep (I think) because their hair is thin and fine and parts down the middle so water can get to their skin. Being able to stay dry is going to be a huge help to her and also lots of hay - not too rich - will keep her inner fires stoked. She'll be fine.