Thursday, August 7, 2014

Freedom day

Amidst all the drama with Bumblebee, the workers finally finished lamb-proofing the fence in the big pasture. They stapled the last bit of wire late on Tuesday.

All the inhabitants of the back barn -- sheep, goats and alpaca alike -- were happy to see the workers go, but none more than the little Black Welsh guys. They've been restricted to a small 1/2 acre field for a month now, and the grass, like the BFLs, was largely gone. Since Bumblebee went down, I've been particularly paranoid about letting them out on the short grass, so they've spent most of the past several days confined to their pen.

After one final field chore on Wednesday morning, I finally got to let the Black Welsh out into the big pasture. They were thrilled to go. No hesitation there.  Bo Black lead the way (two yellow tags) and little Jethro brought up the rear.


1 comment:

  1. You can almost hear the "yeeHAW!" as they go out to the field! That's got to be a relief. And I am so glad that Bumblebee is doing better - did they all come with these great names?