Monday, July 7, 2014

The littlest ram

We have some new names at Tyche’s Run.

When I went to pick up the Black Welsh sheep the other day, I got to meet the husband- the guy who’d been taking care of the flock for three years. The sheep were ready to go -- neatly corralled into a small pen by the driveway. First thing the guy said?

“You’ll probably want to cull those two,” pointing to the two littlest lambs, a dainty ewe and minuscule ram. I remembered the lamb stuck in the fence all alone the day I came to visit. His tiny black horns were now visible on the top of his pretty head.  Not a ewe afterall. Regardless, I was happy to see him well.

I must have looked confused though.

Of course, as the owner, you can do whatever you like, but…well, they were a surprise.”

He paused.

“Dad got in with his daughters. So, anyways, you can cull them.”


I didn’t cull them.

I just brought them home and named them Jethro and Ellie Mae. 

Apart from dad, the herdsire, (renamed Jed) and a gray-muzzled older ewe, Jethro and Ellie Mae are the only two I can reliably recognize.  Maybe because they’re the smallest, or maybe because they have the biggest personalities.

To prove my point, I offer this video of Jethro calling his flock in for the night. He’s all of 4 weeks old. The video’s a little long (2 minutes), but there’s some awfully cute bouncing at the end. And I’m telling you, this is just a hint of what’s to come with this little guy, I can feel it.


  1. Boy, he takes his 'job' very seriously, doesn't he? Even with bouncing... You are right - he's going to be a handlful. Those little guys tend to have a LOT of personality.

  2. I gotta say he sure *seems* to know what he's doing! And couldn't be cuter while doing it. You'll have quite the story to tell about the first time you saw him when he's a big strapping fella in about two years. I sure am glad you have given all of them a wonderful home. Lucky fleece-balls, they are!