Monday, June 23, 2014

New boys

There's a lot going on at Tyche's Run this summer. We've only just finished digging out from winter, but we're moving ahead anyway. This is Owl, Moose, and Turtle, so named by the thirteen-year-old. (Shrug. They also have to-be-registered Pygora names from their breeder, but what can you do?) Anyway, they're our new Pygora boys. And you can guess what that means. They are absolutely gorgeous and maybe I'll get some pictures that do them justice before too long. They are also amazingly mellow...and quiet. Huh? Quiet goats? It seems so. 


  1. Cute! Of course, once they settle in, I am sure they will tell you (often) how much they love it at Tyche's Run...

  2. THREE new boys? There are gonna be things happening at Tyche's Run soon!