Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fiber update in 200 words or less

The reader's digest version.

I got a rigid heddle loom for weaving with horsehair.  Yay!

I warped it with linen-wrapped stainless steel.  Cool.

But, the linen didn't work. 

Not. at. all.


I replaced it with a beautiful single-ply silk. 

Sigh. So pretty

Thankfully, I didn't know that single-ply silk is prone to tangling. 

I do now.  

But, the rigid heddle is easy to warp, so it worked out in the only way that mattered.

To get the weft started, I used an orphaned string of freshly-spun pygora yarn that had been quietly teasing me for a while. 

In fact, I had 105 yards of freshly-spun pygora yarn from Donnanoble begging to be used. 

This was the first project-sized lot of yarn I've ever produced. Yay!

Better still, the first project-ready lot of pygora yarn. Double yay!

Horsehair could wait. 

Continued with the pygora.

Decided on a simple open-weave. 

Finished with the pygora. 

Seven and a half inches wide. Four feet long. Weighs about 2 ounces. 

Dreamy soft. 

Two days start to finish.

Where's winter when I need it? 


  1. Lovely! I can feel the softness right through the computer lines.

  2. That is lovely. I do hope it's a good long while before you need to use it though:)

  3. I had to come over and sneak a peak at your blog and I have to say I really enjoyed reading and watching the videos of your fiber family. I am very jealous!