Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cause the crazy lady with all the sheep said I should

Turns out, an early Sunday morning in May is the perfect time to drive to Lexington and the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival. Empty highways; cool, crisp weather; and the chance to meet thecrazysheeplady and get some of her blogging and photography tips first hand.

Obviously there's too much to tell in one post, but here are the highlights.

1) Sara Dunham, aka thecrazysheeplady, is just as cool, interesting, and gracious in person as she seems on her blog. Thank you Sara for a great day.

2) Baxter Black is one cute lamb.

3) I got Popcorn Pee Pee Pants' most recent fleece. How great is that?! Stay tuned to see what comes of that.

4) I met Sara of Soay sheep fame and the blog Shepherd Life. That's one to watch, that one is. ;)  You heard it here first second. (Thecrazysheeplady introduced her to us all a while back.)

5) I also briefly met Aunt Reg. (Ok, yeah, it was a little like meeting characters from your favorite book. Turns out they're real! And turns out I'm a blogger groupie, what can I say? )

6) I got some good photography tips that I will try to use. Some require mastering my fancy camera. Some I can apply to my iPhone. Since my iPhone lives in my (hay-encrusted) pocket, I use it 95% of the time, so this is good.

So, here, without further adieu, is my application of the first tip.

Cloudy days are your friend.

I passed these peonies in bloom outside my office this afternoon. I would not previously have thought to photograph them on such an overcast day. But my phone was in my pocket and this fresh tip was in my head.

Yep, these were taken with my iPhone. With one exception, the only editing I've done is cropping. I did filter out some of the blues and greens on the flower that looks lit from within.


  1. You met the real life Sara D. and Auntie Reg?!!!! They're REAL????!!!!!! And you are the owner of quadP's fleece??!! The only thing better might just be running into the Minder.

  2. Yep, the Minder was just as much fun as she seems too. I felt like I was visiting with an old friend :-).

    Those are excellent shots! Especially the bees and the light in the last peony pic. Perfect!!!

  3. Good pictures, sounds like you had a fun day,