Monday, March 24, 2014

Just in time for more cold

Clementine in the hands of the shearer on Saturday.

Johnny Blue and Clementine in mid-February. Except for the impending cold this week (yep, back into the teens), the shearing could not have come a moment too soon. 

The new guys waiting for their turns. 
The Icelandics -- Devon (the badger face) and Emily.
The Dr. Seuss creatures -- Abel (the dark one) and Cain. 

What about us? Not this time little goats, not this time.

Clementine and Johnny Blue afterwards. He seems to have noticed she's a girl for the first time. 

The rest of Johnny Blue.  So much hay and grunge, but very big.

And clean and beautiful on the underside. 
I'm thinking you're gonna need coats -- sorry guys. 

The alpacas in a daze afterwards (thank you Emily for the photobomb.)

Abel's fleece.

A little reward for their ordeal.

The Icelandics afterwards.  
Emily seemed so much bigger than Devon before. Not so much now.

 Emily's abundant fleece.

All in all, not a bad afternoon. 

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