Monday, March 31, 2014

For the curious

I'm crunched for time for the next few weeks, but I wanted to share some progress on my horse hair wallet. Cause I'm just so darn excited about it. (Yes, all my non-fiber, non-farm friends think this is the final bit of proof that I have truly lost my mind. :)  )

I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening proving that although I learned to sew at 6 years of age and learned to weave....well...last fall, I am a much better weaver than sewer. I put the pieces of my imagined wallet together, but the result is not right. Just not right. Firstly, it's way too small the way I did it. And secondly, well, the sewing is sloppy. I need glasses. Seriously. I might as well have done it with my eyes closed and it shows.

Nonetheless, just to prove that progress is being made, at least in the sense that my list of what not to do is still growing, I thought I'd post a couple of general shots. Nothing too close-up, mind you, cause that would be embarrassing. As soon as I have another free chunk of time, everything in these pictures will be undone, except for the horse hair fabric itself. Ripping stuff out and starting over is really not like me, but I'm going to do it in this case cause, well, I've lost my mind. I'm obsessed with making something useable out of this horse hair.

Lola wanted to know what the fuss was about. She's better looking than the wallet coin purse, so I let her stay in the shots. 

And when I'm finished with this piece... 

I'm gonna warp the loom for more. 

Yep, nuts. 


  1. I don't know...looks pretty good to me! I love your cat model - she's a natural. For only starting to weave last fall, you seem to have a real talent for it!

    1. Aw, thank you. I really enjoy weaving. That makes all the difference, right?