Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The number of water bucket clasps that Sammy and Bom Bom have broken in the past 36 hours -- since their joint incarceration. 

I keep walking into this scene. 

Note the two broken clasps hanging from the gate and the empty bucket on the floor. The first time, yesterday morning, I thought that Sammy probably did it pawing at the solid block of frozen ice. Then I found the same scene again this morning....twice. At a balmy 20 degrees in the barn today, the full bucket of fresh water was still very much liquid when it hit the ground.

Bom Bom says it all. 

He's crazy, lady. Get me Out. Of. Here.   

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  1. And I thought we had the record for going through clips! Our weather has taken a turn for the better. Hopefully these two will get out of jail soon.