Thursday, January 30, 2014

More weaving

I forgot to show off my first weaving project! 

I cut it off the loom on the last day of class back before christmas. 

It seemed like it took forever to weave a 6ft scarf -- maybe because it was a full 9 feet long when I finally took it off the loom. 

Then I took it home, hung it in the closet and forgot about it until after the holidays. 

I finally decided I'd better get it finished before the weather warmed up and I lost the opportunity to wear it to work.  I cut off the extra, ill-matched, 3 feet at the beginning, dealt with the loose ends, tied the fringe, and washed it in cool, soapy water. The final wool, silk, and tencel product is soft, warm and slightly fuzzy. 

There are plenty of flaws, but I'm very happy with it anyway. 

And it is such a kick to wear. 


  1. Its beautiful! Warm too I bet! Weaving is so satisfying but I know i aways had some sort of boo boo in mine...sometimes warp sometimes weft!

  2. Great job, I really like the color!! :)
    I love weaving, I did some years and years ago. I wish I had a loom but where would I put it! LOL!!

  3. Looks gorgeous to me! I don't know the first thing about weaving. (Well, I guess I did make some of those gawd awful potholders on the little loom when I was a wee lass. But I don't think that counts.) You should wear your soft, colorful scarf and enjoy it to the utmost!

  4. I love the colors - it's just lovely! And how nice to wear something you made yourself. Weaving is on my bucket list..

  5. That is absolutely spectacular!