Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Yesterday, the 12-year-old pointed out that the new rooster has turned his attentions away from the older hens and is now starting to ... um ... attend to the pullets. Apparently I had speculated a while back that he ignored the pullets because they were not yet mature; when they matured to the egg-laying point, we'd know because the rooster would know. (What can I say? As a parent, sometimes you gotta think on your feet and just hope the stuff that comes out of your mouth isn't too too crazy.) Anyway, sure enough the pullets are just turning 4 months old this week. Eggs should be coming.

The 12-year-old: So don't they need nest boxes?

Me: Yes. I have a plan for that.

Twelve-year-old: What's the plan?

Me: We're going to reuse the old nest boxes from the garage.

Twelve-year-old: Eewww, those are gross.

Me: They are not. They're vintage. They're charming. They're a hundred and fifty years old, handmade with iron-forged square nails, and solid as a house. They'd go for millions on Ebay. 

Twelve-year-old: They're filled with old chicken crap.

Me: I cleaned them out. 

Twelve-year-old: (Coming around now.) Ok, they're vintage, handmade, and charming. What are we going to do with them? 

Me: Give them to the chickens to crap in. 

Before in the old garage shed

Cleaned up

Dovetail details

Square nail

Solid wood planks

Square nails


  1. I loved that conversation... Those things are solid! I really think that square nails hold better. Too bad they don't still make them.

  2. It's a wonder those nest boxes weren't thrown on the burn pile many years ago. But so glad they weren't. That old stuff is the best stuff, I think. (It also teaches our young'uns that something doesn't have to be new to be useful! Good goin', Mom.)

  3. That's a great chicken condo. Tell the 12 year old that lots of people convert old chicken coops into fancy guest quarters or even a B&B

  4. Wonderful! Those are really cool.

    My kids would've said the same things.