Monday, August 12, 2013


One of the entertaining things about taking up farm life late, after a lifetime of speaking English, is the newfound insight into so many common turns of phrase. I marvel that I lived decades on this earth, fluently conversing in my native tongue, without ever truly appreciating the thrust of so many common farm metaphors.

Tonight's lesson?


Here are Blue (our 5-month-old ram lamb) and Clementine enjoying their evening grain in the barn aisle, as seen from the new cat loft. Note the hay cart behind Blue.

I turned away for just a moment, to play with the cats. 

When I look back?

Blue has recently learned how to turn the cart over to dump the hay. With his head. He is a ram. He rams it. He goes on a rampage for hay. 

Love. It.

Hope this well never runs dry. ;-)


  1. well at least they are willing to help clean up the mess they made, LOL

  2. Ok, I have to ask about the "Cat Loft".

  3. Not to worry - when it comes to sheep and farming, the well is veeeeery deep! :)