Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Enough with the chickens already

Even I'm a little surprised at my fascination with the chickens. We've got photogenic ponies, rambunctious goats, and adorable lambs, and yet I stalk the chickens all day long. What's up with that?

For seven nights in a row now, Whitney has led Thing 1 and Thing 2 far up into the fir tree at dusk to roost. For seven nights in a row, I have gone out at dusk and brought them down. At first I had to physically pick up one of the babies and carry it to the coop. The baby would scream (well, peep REALLY loudly), Whitney would scramble after us, and the other baby would stumble desperately along behind. Now I just announce my presence and Whitney hops down with the little ones in tow. They toddle over to the coop and climb in. It's all very civilized. Previously, they've gone straight to the nesting box, but tonight Whitney tried to get them to roost inside. Here they are, just before they called it a no go and headed back to the nesting box.

Since I had the camera out I thought I'd try to get some shots of the lambs. They've gotten BIG. I let them out into the aisle of the barn every night while I feed and they follow me around like puppies. They won't go outside to eat grass though. Strange. In any case, my batteries died before I got to the lambs. All I got were these shots of the goats all lined up for dinner. Two months since shearing and LOOK at their fleeces. They sparkle. My goats SPARKLE. Can't beat that.


  1. You really DO have sparkly goats, they are beautiful!!
    Whitney and her chicks do not look very comfortable on that perch, glad they opted for the nest box. :)

  2. I bet mine sparkle under all the VM in their coats... There is just something fascinating about a mother hen and her chicks. I love how her wing is out, protectively, over her two chicks. Sweet.

  3. They're beautiful!!! :-D Your chicken stories... :-).