Monday, February 29, 2016

F is for Harry

F names?

What was I thinking?

No, I need H names for Pygora kids this year.

And now we need three -- for two bucklings and a doeling.

Amelia had twins last night. A little white mini-me and a beautiful black and silver buckling. Both are doing well.

Fortunately, Amelia was already in labor when I went out to feed the ponies at 10. Otherwise, I probably would have missed it and they might not have made it.

Amelia -- miserable, unhappy, first time mom -- walked away from both the minute they hit the ground. She wouldn't even sniff them. She seemed as much in shock as anything.

I stuck around for hours, slowing cranking the bottle baby machinery into full gear while keeping an eye on Amelia. This morning she seems to be coming back to herself, eating and moving around, but still not interested in the babies.

She's got a serious bag though, so the current plan is to milk milk milk her and keep trying to get her to take the babies. I won't be giving up easily. We'll see which of us is more stubborn.

And that's it for baby goats.

I think.

Pretty sure anyway.


  1. Poor Amelia! I can just imagine her surprise and OUTRAGE!
    Her babies are beautiful. I hope she shakes off the shock and embraces motherhood.

  2. If you halter her, will she stand for them?

    1. Not yet, but the fat lady hasn't sung yet either...

  3. You hang in there! Remember, you are bigger than she is. It must be a shock to first timers - so THAT was what was in there?! Keep us posted. Awful cute kids...

  4. H names huh? How about Hoban, Hamilton & Hailey?

  5. Oh, sweet little baby goats! I sure hope you can convince Mama Goat to do the right thing and raise her little ones.