Tuesday, May 5, 2015

School's out

Sadly, students' essays do not look like this.
Credit Karpeles Museum
Two thousand two hundred and thirty-two.

That's roughly how many essays I've had to grade in the past month. Plus or minus a couple hundred one way or the other. 

My eyes may never uncross. 

At some point I just had to say uncle and something had to give. Yeah, it was the blog. I'm a bad blogger. I know. I know. 

But I'm done now!  Bring on summer. 

Lamb updates to come. 


  1. Two thousand two hundred and thirty-two? Cruel and unjust punishment for anyone. Glad you're done. On to projects that are much more fun and rewarding. Happy summer vacation!

  2. Argh! I studied Art and English high school teaching. I still remember looking forward to the stories my first classes handed in, until I began to read them! OMG, so boring! The grammar, argh! The lame endings, kill me please! :) It was only then that I realised not all kids can or care to write like I could at that age. I grew up to be a novelist, and I'm guessing most of the writers of those stories didn't. :) I feel for you, I really do.

  3. A lot has happened since my last visit! Love all those black babies in your header shot, and so sorry you have had to deal with those deadly worms. Are you serious? All those essays! Good grief. I assume you teach English, is that right? Let's hope better days are ahead.