Wednesday, February 18, 2015


You know that feeling of queasy fear you get as you crest the top of a roller coaster and brace yourself for the long plunge into certain destruction?

Well, we crested the peak at 19 degrees late this afternoon. As the sun set, my anxiety rose.

We've just begun the plunge to -13 F.

I've never experienced a temperature that low before.

I know a lot of people live in places much colder and survive to tell the tale, but I honestly don't know how they do it.

For me it might as well be the cold black vacuum of outer space.

I can not imagine how my world will survive the impact. Won't it explode? Or implode? Won't it shatter into a million tiny splinters of ice and debris? Surely there is no sustainable life at -13?

If you don't hear from me in a few days, just look up. I'll be that cloud of cosmic dust drifting aimlessly in space.


  1. The worst part is the night, when it seems like the end of the world. Then the day starts when you wake up (providing you sleep...) and you manage. I find the animals are much more resilient than am I. Hope you're all in one piece this morning.

  2. I hope everyone's ok at your place! This cold is unbelievable. I'm ready to call it quits and crawl into bed until April. Maybe even May. Unfortunately the animals don't fit in with that plan. They have no sympathy for the poor ShepherdPerson freezing to death to give them hay. They don't mind the cold at all, except when they get little balls of ice between their toes.

  3. Wish three was a way to control the weather with a thermostat, I feel for all dealing with the cold while I enjoy temps in the 70's. Daily fog is helping to keep the grass green, but I am afraid of what summer will be like since we are currently 10 to 15 degrees above normal.