Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week end wrap up Jan 25

I'm gonna make it right under the wire. It's just been one of those days.

It was a slow week fiber-wise.

Still, I made some baby steps.

I washed the blanket that I'd posted last week. Yep, washing makes a difference. The weave tightened up and bloomed. It's much softer and fluffier now. I like it. Go figure.

before washing
after washing
after washing

In the spinning arena, I made a quantum leap. A baby quantum leap, but quantum all the same. I forced myself to switched over to working only on a wheel. Up to this point I've done most of my spinning on a drop spindle. Partly because I work mostly with only small batches of fiber at a time and that's just easier on a spindle. But mainly cause I just like them. Nonetheless, I know if I could get into a groove with a wheel, I'd get a lot more done. So that's what I worked on this week.

I spun more of Clementine. I was happy to see that I could just about match the yarn I'd already spun on the spindle. I estimate that I now have about 500 yards of single ply. Not sure how much I'll need for a sweater, but the box of washed fleece still looks completely full, so no worries there.

I spun a bunch of commercial BFL roving that I had lying around. It's not my favorite stuff, but it was good for practicing. I never figured out how much I spun. When I started to ply it, after just a few yards, I decided I'd rather keep it as a single to use for a woven scarf.

Finally, I got the storage system for my fiber inventory out of the boxes and set up. Yay.

I really like this system of wire drawers, not least of which is because I can dry stuff in place. It's a one stop system. I can also see everything easily, and if I want to, I can pull out a whole drawer and carry it with me. The only downside? It's a dog magnet. They think pulling the curls out through the wire mesh is a super fun game. Darn dogs.

Monday morning update: And at that point last night I fell asleep. Next week I'll shoot for Saturday so that I can actually finish the post and proofread before I hit the publish button. :)


  1. I love that system! Since I have cats, I would have to put it under lock and key. I am about to try drop spindling - it is one of the major items on my to-do-for-me list this winter. Seeing as it's almost February, I had better get a move on. I like these updates!

  2. Those drawers are awesome! I need to get some like that...

  3. I forgt to add that I think that blanket is beautiful!

  4. That blanket is beautiful! Awesome job! Your stoage system is cool! Also helpful in that you can more easily keep an eye out for moth activity and give the whole area a treatment if need be.