Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Time and space two years on

Today, as far as I can figure, is the second anniversary of Tyche's Run, the blog.

Some might say I've barely made it, dragging over the two-year mark with a limp and a wheeze.

Yes, things are getting a little crowded here - in both space and time.

Still, I blunder ahead.

More critters, more fiber, more mistakes, no doubt, to come.

Happy anniversary to us. :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! Here's to a MUCH BETTER NEW YEAR!!!

  2. Yes, happy anniversary to you. And keep doing what you love. And keep blogging. We all love that. Hugs and here's to a wonderful year of 2015!

  3. It's only been two years????!!!! Good golly, girl! You sure have crammed a whole lot of living and loving into those two years. I like to think that the 'crowding' is just an outward sign that you have a heart the size of Texas. Here's wishing you and all yours a much better, happier, healthier (for everyone) new year. And keep blogging!

    1. Haha. No, it's the blog that's 2 years old. The farm is a ripe old 3 1/2. :)

  4. That's an accomplishment! I don't visit very often but have to say I'm glad you started your blog and glad to hear you'll keep on bloggin'. :)