Sunday, October 26, 2014

An angel for Cricket

On Wednesday morning, I took Cricket down to the vet school. Of all the little guys, he seemed to have bounced back the least from the problems over the summer. On top of the ongoing parasite problems, he now had a fever and refused to eat. The vets treated everything they could think of but he didn't respond to anything. On Friday afternoon they sent tests out for mineral analyses and a viral disease called Blue Tongue. Those will come back next week.

Later, on Wednesday night, I took in a tiny kitten from a local barn. Earlier in the week a friend had put out an urgent call for a home for this little one. They said the mother cat kept dumping her in the woods. The barn where she was born has constant litters. By all accounts the birth rate and kitten mortality rate there are about equal. I don't know. I don't know why the owner doesn't just get the adults fixed.

Anyway, nobody stepped up, so on Wednesday night, despite a vow to never take another cat, I agreed to take the kitten home. I was told she was about 8 weeks old. She was a beautiful little girl.

We never got a chance to name her. She died in my hands, just after midnight on Friday night. I'm sure she could not have been even 4 weeks old. I'm sorry she never got to grow up to run and play and chase bugs.

The call from the vet came Saturday morning. Cricket never got much of a chance either. He also died sometime during the night Friday.

I like to think they went together.

Cricket was my first real farm loss and I'm taking it hard. It helps a little to imagine he has a tiny nameless angel with him on his journey.


  1. I am so sorry, it is so hard to lose our friends.

  2. It's so sad when the little ones don't make it. They try their hardest and you try to help but sometimes the problems are insurmountable. be comforted knowing they died cared for and cared about, not alone in a field somewhere.

  3. Oh, crap. That is too much sadness all at once. I'm so sorry about Cricket. And the poor tiny kitten. I am glad, although it caused you so much pain, that she died in loving hands. I also love the idea of Cricket and the angel kitten sharing a journey.

  4. Sorry to read about your losses. Cricket and the kittie. May they rest in sweet peace.

  5. The best thought that you can keep in your mind and heart is that they did both lose their valiant fight in comfort surrounded by those who sincerely cared for them. Their passing had to be easier for them that way. Harder for you, but easier for Cricket and his little angel.

  6. At least they were with loving people before they left. And kudos to you for taking them in, and shame on the owner of the constantly-breeding barn cats. It's a shame that there are so many senseless death because of the inability / unwillingness of people to fix their animals.

  7. They were well loved, even for a short time. It matters. {{{hugs}}}